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B-17 bomber

One of those WWII warbird museums brought a couple of planes here to Corpus Christi. My dad was a tail gunner in a B-17 during the war. Here's some pics of what was his home for a few years.

Click on any of the pics to get a full-size, suitable (sort of) for getting a printable version.

Jerre tells me that about half the boats are lived in full-time by the owners. It's like a small town out there. Great company, people all around. I met some really nice people.

Here's Jerre standing on her boat, "Margarita".

Here we are, underway for a sail. That's Jerre at the helm and her friend, Sandy, peeking in at the right.

Another one of Jerre at the helm. That's Sandy's boyfriend (I'm drawing a blank on his name, sorry) looking up, and Neil's hand.

Here's a buoy a half-mile out. There were a few big ol' seals on the buoy, but by the time I got swung around to take the pic and the camera turned on we were past.

As you can see, the sea was perfect. Temps in the high 70's, maybe 10 knots of wind, no chop, a really great day.

Here's a couple of me at the wheel with Jerre beside me. Everyone told me I did a really good job of driving the boat. I told you they were nice people. Very polite, too.

And finally another one of Jerre and another friend, Keith. We had a little race with another boat on the way back in and we won, of course. I'm pretty sure the other boat knew we were racing.

All in all, a really good few days.